Episode 009

The Ghost at Dawn's House!


January 14th, 2020

1 hr 8 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

Dawn, her love of scary stories, and her search for a hidden passage in her house (built in 1715) are the focus in this book and episode. No really, the main plot is all about Dawn and her search for and discovery of a hidden passage and then her slow revelation of its existence to her friends and family. We both acknowledge just how wrong our predictions about this one were (with the caveats that Kate’s is 100% a future Mystery book plot and Lauryn’s Underground Railroad thoughts may still be revealed to be accurate). Lauryn relays her tale of “accidental” library book theft and Kate sets everyone up for the terrifying revelation that horror movie characters are living lives just as normal as ours before the horror events kick in. Plenty of random tangents abound as always: repeated day movie/TV tropes, bad Christmas movies on demand, first class plane travel, nerdy dog names, and font design.

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