Episode 018

Stacey's Mistake!


June 9th, 2020

1 hr 18 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

It’s our first Stacey book post-move back to NYC and as we predicted, Stacey’s mistake is two-fold – initially she thinks it was a mistake to invite the BSC to New York to visit and meet Laine, but she comes to realize her own mistake in not appreciating her friends for who they are and acknowledging and not taking for granted the amazing city she gets to live in. After the lighthearted reprieve of the last book, we dive right back into an “issue book” that examines homelessness. We discuss the very surface level limited engagement with the topic while acknowledging again that these are books for kids and wondering how books of today are tackling this topic with more nuance and depth. This of course leads to an on-topic tangential discussion of Home Alone 2 and the “magical homeless person” trope of the early 90s. We also discuss the interplay among the members of the BSC and Laine, touching on jealousy at 13 (and today) and imposter syndrome and how those might impact the girls’ (and women’s generally) ability to feel confident in relationships and interactions, particularly with other girls (or women), touching on the fact that normalizing the feelings associated with imposter syndrome would likely benefit everyone. We also touch on the Hard Rock Café, the joys (or not – looking at you Kanye) of monochromatic dressing, sending postcards during a long weekend trip, Kate’s shocking admission that she “likes music,” acknowledgement that Alan Gray just might be Lauryn’s Cokie Mason, and monster bones.

As noted in the pre-episode message, we remain fully committed to supporting Black Lives Matter and all BIPOC voices and have included the following resources and ways to support:

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