Episode 049

Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street!


October 10th, 2023

1 hr 7 mins 48 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Claudia gets a regular babysitting job with a genius child star named Rosie Wilder. Rosie's parents have done a real number on her and she spends all her time taking lessons, practicing, and working (and regurgitating lines from her parents about said career and her life generally). It's a real contrast with the home life of our Superbrat Derek Masters. Claudia ultimately connects with Rosie over drawing and they put on an art show together (where we see the junk food-inspired pop art that is classic Claudia). The girls all pitch in on the art show and babysitting Rosie on occasion and even Janine gets to be an honorary BSC member!

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