EM001: Emergency Meeting re: State of the World and Netflix Series Information!


April 3rd, 2020

24 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

Kate and Lauryn call their first emergency meeting for an update on the state of the world and the state of the podcast before getting into a discussion of the recent releases and knowledge-drops related to the upcoming Netflix BSC series. We already knew Netflix was making a show and that Alicia Silverstone and Mark Feurstein were involved, but the details since then have been completely under wraps. In the last few weeks, however, there has been a major release related to the girls and their portrayers and what the show is going to look like. We get into our thoughts on the casting and costuming, both immediate knee-jerk reactions and our more in-depth analysis, and what we are anticipating, expecting, and hoping for from the series. (Note that Kate was clearly too excited and talking/reading too quickly and inadvertently initially says that Malia Baker is Latina – clarified later in the episode, but Malia is black and Xochitl is Latina.)

Stay safe and healthy everyone!!

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