Generation BSC: A Baby-Sitters Club Podcast

Kate and Lauryn are proud members of Generation BSC making their way through the Baby-Sitters Club series one book at a time.

About the show

Kate Vlasek and Lauryn Hunter are two women in their mid-thirties who generally geek out about all things pop culture, particularly nostalgic pop culture. A spur-of-the-moment purchase of a random assortment of Baby-Sitters Club books on eBay sparked the excitement that would become Generation BSC.

And what is Generation BSC? First, it’s a micro-generation Kate and Lauryn have identified with between Generation X and Millennials. This micro-generation has also been called the Oregon Trail Generation, Generation Catalano, the Star Wars Generation, Xennials, and Elder Millennials - essentially, for our purposes, those born between 1980 and 1985 who would have read Baby-Sitters Club books as they were being released in the late 80s and early 90s. (As an aside, we've come to realize since starting our journey with the Baby-Sitters Club, however, that Generation BSC really is anyone who has grown or is growing up with the BSC, but we're examining it from our perspective in particular.) Second, it’s a biweekly episodic podcast where Kate and Lauryn revisit each book in the Baby-Sitters Club series both looking back at how they approached the topics and themes when they read the books as children and comparing that with how they approach the same topics and themes in 2019 (and beyond).

Eventually, the podcast will include guests and “Very Special Episodes” where Kate and Lauryn visit other pop culture from the same era and later, using the Baby-Sitters Club and Generation BSC as a jumping off point for discussion.

Whether you’ve loved the Baby-Sitters Club since childhood or are jumping in for the first time, you’ll have a great time reading along with Kate and Lauryn.

Generation BSC logo created by Jordyn Hunter.

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  • Episode 019: Claudia and the Bad Joke!

    June 23rd, 2020  |  1 hr 23 mins
    claudia, main series

    Pranks are sweeping the neighborhood, with new babysitting charge, Betsy Sobak, and the Pikes leading the charge. And despite Kate’s prediction that the prank war declared on Betsy by the BSC could NEVER be after Claudia’s accident because that would be too shitty a thing for them to do, it turns out that they are, in fact, just that shitty as they decide to use a prank war to teach Betsy a lesson. Yeah, it’s another book where the girls let us down and the main child isn’t the greatest as the BSC takes “parenting advice” from George and Lucille Bluth to scare Betsy straight when it comes to the humiliation and embarrassment that comes from pranks when everyone hasn’t bought in on the concept. We compare and contrast the pranking that goes on with the Pikes and their babysitters (where everyone has a tacit understanding of give and take and has fun with it) and the situation with Betsy and her babysitters and classmates, who clearly do not have that type of relationship. We do appreciate that the lesson eventually comes due to a heartfelt conversation between Kristy and Betsy (rather than a mansplainy monologue a la Danny Tanner), but the fact that the prank war and somewhat malicious lesson-teaching works and is reinforced definitely rubs us the wrong way. We again confirm Dawn being the absolute best friend in the BSC and try to dissect why that might be (and getting a little arm chair expert-y in our conversation), while noting that the Claudia/Janine dynamic in this book is our favorite iteration of their relationship. We also touch on Claudia’s Asian-ness when compared to Jessi’s Blackness and how that will be something we pay more attention to as we continue reading, our heightened childhood expectations re: how important dry-cleaning would be when we grew up, wearing our dad’s (oversized on us) button-down shirts and learning how to tie flamboyantly colored/patterned ties, how when you’re a kid, it seems like every adult has stock cliched responses (e.g., “but it’s a dry heat,” “it’s not the heat that gets you, it’s the humidity”), and how oatmeal raisin cookies and apple juice might be the worst afterschool snack ever.

  • Episode 018: Stacey's Mistake!

    June 9th, 2020  |  1 hr 18 mins
    main series, stacey

    It’s our first Stacey book post-move back to NYC and as we predicted, Stacey’s mistake is two-fold – initially she thinks it was a mistake to invite the BSC to New York to visit and meet Laine, but she comes to realize her own mistake in not appreciating her friends for who they are and acknowledging and not taking for granted the amazing city she gets to live in. After the lighthearted reprieve of the last book, we dive right back into an “issue book” that examines homelessness. We discuss the very surface level limited engagement with the topic while acknowledging again that these are books for kids and wondering how books of today are tackling this topic with more nuance and depth. This of course leads to an on-topic tangential discussion of Home Alone 2 and the “magical homeless person” trope of the early 90s. We also discuss the interplay among the members of the BSC and Laine, touching on jealousy at 13 (and today) and imposter syndrome and how those might impact the girls’ (and women’s generally) ability to feel confident in relationships and interactions, particularly with other girls (or women), touching on the fact that normalizing the feelings associated with imposter syndrome would likely benefit everyone. We also touch on the Hard Rock Café, the joys (or not – looking at you Kanye) of monochromatic dressing, sending postcards during a long weekend trip, Kate’s shocking admission that she “likes music,” acknowledgement that Alan Gray just might be Lauryn’s Cokie Mason, and monster bones.

    As noted in the pre-episode message, we remain fully committed to supporting Black Lives Matter and all BIPOC voices and have included the following resources and ways to support:

  • EM005: Emergency Meeting - Mary Anne in Quarantine!

    May 26th, 2020  |  47 mins 48 secs
    emergency meeting, mary anne

    Kate and Lauryn hold their final (for now) Emergency Meeting to discuss what Mary Anne’s doing in quarantine (with some general final thoughts on the rest of the BSC and Stoneybrook in general). We agree that Mary Anne is feeling EVERYTHING and using a regimented schedule to stay focused on maintaining connections and helping others and avoiding getting bogged down by those emotions. Her dad likely kept up his rules about the phone and computer initially, but realized the need to allow more flexibility for Mary Anne to stay connected and coordinate Zoom calls with the BSC and their babysitting charges to try to maintain as much normalcy as possible. Mary Anne is likely relying a lot on Logan, the girls in the BSC, and Mimi for emotional support and an outlet for her feelings, due to her dad’s more closed-off approach to emotions. We agree Mary Anne is probably putting together her own pop culture challenges (e.g., reading every book in a series, watching the entire series of a show, or finishing all the books that have won a certain award) to give her a more passive activity that still allows her to feel like she’s accomplishing something. We ponder what the adult versions of the girls would be doing and in a roundabout way, when examining ourselves at thirteen, realize that extrapolating from thirteen years old is actually a pretty reasonable approximation of where they’ll end up as adults. We touch on Dawn (being the parent), Mallory (writing and dealing with her large family), and Jessi (ballet, ballet, ballet), discuss Lauryn’s copyright-infringing BSC flyer for her own club, ponder which house we’d want to quarantine at, confirm the abundance of BSC fanfic on the internet, and (of course) discuss what Cokie Mason is doing in quarantine (trolling the girls while secretly wanting to be their friend).

  • Episode 017: Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery!

    May 19th, 2020  |  1 hr 10 mins
    main series, mary anne

    It’s our first episode since the teaser for the new Netflix BSC series dropped, so Kate and Lauryn take a quick sidetrack to discuss their excitement and thoughts (generally and with respect to the FINALLY confirmed perfect casting of Marc Evan Jackson as Mary Anne’s dad). Then diving into the story at hand, we immediately touch on the Cokie Mason of it all (as she has made her long-awaited first appearance in the series) before getting into the bad luck mystery itself, stemming initially from a discarded chain letter Mary Anne receives, but continuing mostly due to Cokie’s scheming to help her friend Grace get Logan’s attention. We focus on the girls’ confirmation bias related to the bad luck they all experience and how they all immediately go all-in on the superstitions and witchcraft. We lament that there’s no skeptic or voice of reason like with child pageants previously, but transition into a conversation about the intended audience – specifically, how maybe that’s not necessary and generally, how well Ann M. Martin does at teaching kids how to read as they read. We do a related dive into Kate’s obsession with Kristy’s Mystery Admirer and how it and this book, when considered together, make absolutely no sense, leading to further discussion of timeline wonkiness and divergent/parallel timelines, and how the future ghostwriters may be the actual cause of all our confusion on those points. We also compare and contrast the characterizations in the books vs. the movies and find book Logan wanting, question Charlie Thomas’s life choices and wonder what a series from his perspective might look like (spoiler – likely very interesting and we want to read it so badly), and find ourselves concerned with the overly cliquishness and superiority of our BSC girls in this book. On the babysitting front specifically, Kate judges Dawn’s crafting choices and Lauryn finds the humor in her real-life nightmare, noting Claire Pike’s adorable question regarding whether a bird knows Santa Claus after it gets into her house through the chimney.

  • EM004: Emergency Meeting - Stacey in Quarantine!

    May 12th, 2020  |  33 mins 47 secs
    emergency meeting, stacey

    Kate and Lauryn’s ongoing focus on the girls and what we think they’re doing to handle quarantine continues with an examination of Stacey’s situation in particular. We think Stacey’s going a little stir-crazy due to her lack of yard and outdoor space, her parents, and her high-risk status due to her diabetes and have divergent ideas about how she’s dealing with school, with Kate discovering she apparently has VERY strong opinions about the type of student Stacey is (i.e., one who would freak out if she got a C). Kate thinks Stacey is focusing on aspirational imaginary outfits and Lauryn contemplates a lifestyle blog for the tween set. And (of course) keeping up with the girls in Stoneybrook and Laine and finding enjoyment in having so much time to talk to them. In lieu of our typical check-in, we take a page from some of our favorite podcasts and focus on the positives with our own fucking hoorays and what’s making us happy recently (Never Have I Ever; the Parks & Recreation reunion; The Science of Sci-Fi by Erin Macdonald; Harry Potter audiobooks; Star Wars Day (a/k/a Kate's birthday) and Star Wars generally; and friends and family). We end with a HUGE thank you to all the healthcare and other essential workers keeping us safe and the world running.

  • Episode 016: Jessi's Secret Language!

    May 5th, 2020  |  1 hr 3 mins
    jessi, main series

    It's Jessi’s first book and you know what? We’ve discovered/confirmed that Jessi’s pretty awesome. Past Kate and Lauryn didn’t know what they were missing in Jessi (and Mallory), but we think that maybe they just weren’t aspirational enough when we were reading since they were more similar to us in age and “coolness” (and let’s be honest – in-person fangirling and thirst). This book was very much an afternoon special-type examination and depiction of deafness and how one should interact with deaf individuals and while we’re disappointed in the fact that Jessi’s first book was an “issue” book and that there’s a lack of representation of any actually-deaf characters, we really enjoyed this one and the way the story presented itself. We remind ourselves just what a strong series this actually was and is (to-date at least) and how well they’ve held up, particularly since they’ve given us such interesting and deep topics to discuss and reflect on. We also spend some time talking on our childhood loves of ballet – with Lauryn actually participating and Kate enjoying from the audience – but both recalling an obsession with Coppélia traced to this very book. We discuss Jessi’s meta reference to the “last chapter,” Lauryn’s borderline obsession with Richard Dreyfuss as a child, the correct usage of “LEGO,” the stylishness (or not) of rat tails, and Kate’s certainty that her obsession with Cokie Mason will finally be plot-specific discussion worthy in the next book.

  • EM003: Emergency Meeting - Claudia in Quarantine!

    April 28th, 2020  |  30 mins 1 sec
    claudia, emergency meeting

    Kate and Lauryn continue with their emergency meetings to check in with each of the girls and discuss what we think Claudia is doing during her COVID-induced quarantine. We disagree initially about how Claudia reacts to school being cancelled, with Lauryn focusing on the schoolwork aspect and Kate focusing on the interpersonal face-to-face interactions. We touch on how we think Claudia and Janine are handling being quarantined together (likely exactly how they have in the two books where their relationship has been a focus – conflicts initially, but coming around to understanding). We discuss whether Claudia is on the front lines of mask-making, either actually making them or possibly finding ways to decorate the masks, especially to make them more fun and less scary for kids. Knowing Claudia’s love of junk food and Nancy Drews, we discuss how we think Claudia is getting more of these things to satisfy her needs and whether her parents have maybe softened their position on these items given what’s going on in the world. Lauryn pretends that Amazon doesn’t exist in the version of 2020 that the BSC is in for purposes of our discussion and Kate questions whether Claudia would even use it if it was available. We definitely agree Claudia is using her time at home to focus on her art (and exploring new media) and on fashion and creating amazing outfits, potentially creating (or expanding) a fashion Instagram or blog. We again end with a quick check-in on how we’re feeling and getting through self-isolation this week.

    Stay safe and healthy everyone!!

  • Episode 015: Little Miss Stoneybrook...and Dawn!

    April 21st, 2020  |  1 hr 4 mins
    dawn, main series

    It’s our first regular episode recorded remotely post-quarantine and we’re discussing what we’ve agreed to be one of the best BSC books to-date in the series. This one tackles two potentially difficult topics – child pageants generally and Jeff’s long-imminent return to California – with nuance and consideration and we’re here for it. Dawn gets dramatic about the induction ceremony for Jessi and Mallory and uses an invitation by Mrs. Pike to help Claire and Margo prepare for the Little Miss Stoneybrook pageant to distract from Club-related jealousies and the difficult situation at home with the Schafer parents working out an arrangement for Jeff’s temporary return to California to see how it goes. The rest of the BSC (aside from Mallory and Jessi, who are opposed to pageants) gets into the competitive aspect and each get their own girl to help prepare. As always, the girls learn from their mistakes and realize they don’t need to compete or be jealous of each other. We discuss the “best” talent at the pageant (Margo’s poem recitation while opening and eating a banana with her feet), our past and current feelings on pageants in general (and how the book presents a balanced take), Dawn’s dramatic nature, Mrs. Schafer’s shockingly (to Lauryn) on-point advice and knowledge drops to Dawn, Mrs. Perkins thoughtful commentary on competition generally, and the world of big cat owners. We also touch on the significant number of instances where the BSC members take their charges to other locations, frequently without any kind of note or other notice for the parents, and again note how rich the people in Stoneybrook seem to be.

  • EM002: Emergency Meeting - Kristy in Quarantine!

    April 14th, 2020  |  22 mins 30 secs
    emergency meeting, kristy

    Kate and Lauryn are going a little stir-crazy in self-isolation and have called another emergency meeting to discuss how we think Kristy is doing in quarantine (with the intent being to discuss each of the girls and beyond as this continues). Kristy is definitely being pragmatic about the situation and doing what she can to make the best of the situation and help however she can. Regarding the BSC, Kristy is, of course, being Kristy and coming up with all kinds of ideas about how the BSC can continue to help their charges and families (while keeping the Club going generally). In particular, we think she’s using technology to coordinate specific Zoom (or otherwise) meetings between individual babysitters and families while also doing something akin to their day camp arrangement, with daily appointments where kids can drop in (or not). (The technology will likely become an integrated part of the BSC’s repertoire, particularly for connections with kids (or babysitters) who have moved away.) In the physical world, we think Karen and Andrew (rather than David Michael as mistakenly referenced in the episode) are likely staying with the Thomas-Brewer house (and maybe their mom is there too à la the Bruce Willis/Demi Moore quarantine situation) and Kristy is keeping them and David Michael busy and engaged to allow Watson and Edie to continue working. Kristy is probably coordinating walk times with human Shannon and their respective dogs along with group hopscotch trails and scavenger and bear hunts in her neighborhood and the old neighborhood where the rest of the BSC lives to get kids outside and moving. We end with a check-in on how we’re feeling and getting through self-isolation this week.

  • Episode 014: Hello, Mallory

    April 7th, 2020  |  1 hr 9 mins
    main series, mallory

    We’ve long been anticipating (or dreading) this day, but Mallory (and Jessi) has officially joined the BSC! Despite the end of the last book with Stacey’s invitation to Mallory to join, the BSC decides to put Mallory through increasingly unreasonable tests and trials before she quits. This one also includes Jessi moving to Stoneybrook, Mallory deciding they would be best friends (and making it happen), Jessi’s family being subjected to some straight-up bullshit racism, and the formation of a BSC copycat, Kids Incorporated (which yes, results in us singing the theme song of the show with the same name). As always, the BSC, old and new, come together by the end, learning in the process and taking the maybe too easy way out in combatting racism. In addressing the racism storylines in this book, we acknowledge our own privilege in examining and addressing the stories of minority and marginalized groups and appreciate the limited inclusion and attempts at addressing major issues while also examining the difficulty of separating problematic art from its historical perspective and (although not applicable here) the artists later revealed to be human garbage and discussing how this type of story might be better approached by an author writing today. On lighter, but still on-topic, notes, we spend a long time reeling in the discovery that Mallory describes herself (and her entire family) as having dark brown hair, questioning whether Claudia is left-handed, and taking a deep dive into what it is about horses and pre-teen girls. In a shocking twist, we have very few random tangents, particularly of note as you’d expect us to want to change the topic from Mallory as quickly as possible, given our past feelings on her.

  • EM001: Emergency Meeting re: State of the World and Netflix Series Information!

    April 3rd, 2020  |  24 mins 13 secs
    emergency meeting

    Kate and Lauryn call their first emergency meeting for an update on the state of the world and the state of the podcast before getting into a discussion of the recent releases and knowledge-drops related to the upcoming Netflix BSC series. We already knew Netflix was making a show and that Alicia Silverstone and Mark Feurstein were involved, but the details since then have been completely under wraps. In the last few weeks, however, there has been a major release related to the girls and their portrayers and what the show is going to look like. We get into our thoughts on the casting and costuming, both immediate knee-jerk reactions and our more in-depth analysis, and what we are anticipating, expecting, and hoping for from the series. (Note that Kate was clearly too excited and talking/reading too quickly and inadvertently initially says that Malia Baker is Latina – clarified later in the episode, but Malia is black and Xochitl is Latina.)

    Stay safe and healthy everyone!!

  • Episode 013: Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye

    March 24th, 2020  |  1 hr 3 mins
    main series, stacey

    Fresh off their timeless summer vacation to the Bahamas and Disney World (timeline wonkiness, what?), the girls are promptly faced with the Stacey’s family’s departure from Stoneybrook to return to NYC. It’s a rough road, particularly for Claudia, but the girls face it with excellent modelling behavior for readers – as Lauryn puts it in the episode, scary things happen, but good things can come from scary things. We discuss the difficulty as a child (and sometimes an adult) to recognize that you can have two conflicting emotions or feelings at the same time, the interplay of “smartness” being a big part of your self-identity and instances of someone else being smarter than you, the difference between all the breadcrumbs we’ve had about Jeff’s impending departure and Stacey’s abrupt and swift move, and take a deep dive on the realities of Mrs. Porter. Tangents (both on- and off-topic) include: reality TV recent and not, garage sales, growing affection (?) for Mallory and Dawn, FOMO, colloquialisms, and the repeated use of “exotic” to describe Claudia.

  • SS01: Baby-Sitters on Board!!

    March 10th, 2020  |  1 hr 49 mins
    guest, super special

    It’s a super special, super long, super guest episode to discuss the first Super Special - Baby-Sitters on Board! Mr. Pike wins a week-long cruise/Disney trip at work and the Pikes invite Stacey and Mary Anne to be mother’s helpers, just like Sea City. (When this book takes place, who knows, as they reference Sea City, but say this is still that summer...) Watson decides to take the Thomas-Brewer family as well and includes Claudia and Dawn because, why not? Kate and Lauryn invite their first guest – their often mentioned friend, Katie Schneller – to join them to discuss (among many topics) the repeated plots in this book, Game of Thrones/BSC crossover fanfic, Mallory’s bunny face signature, author intention, Katie’s scarf-tying abilities, misremembered parts of the Haunted Mansion, the ranking of donut hole flavors, Rick Steves vs. Rick Dees, and (of course) Cokie Mason.

  • Episode 012: Claudia and the New Girl!

    February 25th, 2020  |  1 hr 9 mins
    claudia, main series

    Claudia’s got a new friend, despite our insistence on no new friends. Ashley Wyeth moves to town and is a Serious Artist. Claudia is immediately enamored of her and starts spending all of her time with Ashley, completely ignoring the BSC, her babysitting charges, and Stacey, in particular. Lauryn initially gets excited about the first non-straight "romantic" crush in the series, which leads to a conversation and re-evaluation regarding crushes and friendships at that age and their emotional complexities. Kate redeems her memory when her prediction of this book was spot-on (but she doubles down that Eddie from her Ghost at Dawn’s House prediction will for sure be in Beware, Dawn!, Mystery #2). As always, we touch on plenty of TV references – this time including, but not limited to, The Good Place, Project Runway, and Buffy. Newbury Award winners that we know and love are discussed in an actually on-topic tangent and we sort of make predictions for the next two books. Clearly, we’re figuring out how Super Specials actually fit in! We touch on Benedict Arnold (with Lauryn being a supporter? maybe?), Banksy, what art is anyway, early 2000s fashion, possibly and definitely problematic descriptive words, and reaffirm #nonewpeeps.

  • Episode 011: Kristy and the Snobs!

    February 11th, 2020  |  1 hr 8 mins
    kristy, main series

    Kristy’s been living in her new neighborhood for months now and refuses to get to know anyone because they’re all snobs with a pool, multiple tennis courts, and a cook named Agnes. She’s forced out of her self-imposed isolation when the BSC starts advertising in her neighborhood and jobs with new families start coming in, which takes jobs from Kate’s favorite future associate member, Shannon Kilbourne (one of the aforementioned snobs). Kristy and Shannon have a prank war before finally becoming friends after Kristy’s dog Louie has to be put down. Yes, it’s another SUPER emotional book, this time one that completely came out of left field and floored us during reading (as it likely will in this description). We spend some time discussing dogs we love and loved, while also discussing growing into your “self” and feeling comfortable in your skin, quoting Homer Simpson, pondering the power of positive thinking (however that works for you), and obsessing over Amelia Bedelia. Also – we learn how to properly pronounce Mary Anne’s last name thanks to our listener Deanna!!

  • Episode 010: Logan Likes Mary Anne!!

    January 28th, 2020  |  1 hr 9 mins
    main series, mary anne

    There’s a new boy in school – Logan Bruno, fresh from Louisville, Kentucky – and Mary Anne has a crush! He crushes right back, surprising Lauryn, whose main reaction to Mary Anne consistently seems to be “her?” Discussion of the gender dynamics and “romantic” relationships at play in this book includes tangents (both related and wildly varied) about shy girl tropes, the ins and outs of talking to boys at that age, the on-going absence of Cokie Mason, and feeling left behind when your friends take steps you haven’t yet. We touch on shipping from a more global perspective and realize we were both unexpectedly here for it for #reylo in The Rise of Skywalker. Lauryn reveals her Jenny Prezzioso past and unintentionally (?) shades Kate’s styling abilities, while Kate manages to squeeze in multiple references to Kristy’s Mystery Admirer and identifies strongly with Mary Anne.