SS01: Baby-Sitters on Board!!


March 10th, 2020

1 hr 49 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

It’s a super special, super long, super guest episode to discuss the first Super Special - Baby-Sitters on Board! Mr. Pike wins a week-long cruise/Disney trip at work and the Pikes invite Stacey and Mary Anne to be mother’s helpers, just like Sea City. (When this book takes place, who knows, as they reference Sea City, but say this is still that summer...) Watson decides to take the Thomas-Brewer family as well and includes Claudia and Dawn because, why not? Kate and Lauryn invite their first guest – their often mentioned friend, Katie Schneller – to join them to discuss (among many topics) the repeated plots in this book, Game of Thrones/BSC crossover fanfic, Mallory’s bunny face signature, author intention, Katie’s scarf-tying abilities, misremembered parts of the Haunted Mansion, the ranking of donut hole flavors, Rick Steves vs. Rick Dees, and (of course) Cokie Mason.

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