SS02: Baby-Sitters' Summer Vacation!


February 2nd, 2021

1 hr 20 mins 19 secs

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About this Episode

We’re back from our recent break with another super special, super long, super guest episode to discuss all things BSC and summer camp! Kate and Lauryn are joined by Alexandra Sommeillan to discuss the BSC’s two-week trip to a problematically named summer camp with about half of Stoneybrook. We first dive into Alexandra’s history with the BSC, her thoughts on representation with the changes to Dawn’s character for the Netflix series, her identification with Mary Anne, and get her opinions on Latinx representation in pop culture that really gets it right (particularly in Vida and One Day at a Time). Then we turn to the Super Special itself to discuss some of the more problematic aspects of the story, our ongoing disappointment in the series’ inability to give important subjects the “screentime” necessary to appropriately examine those subjects, identity and the importance of finding and knowing yourself, and the myriad maladies Stacey is afflicted with (beyond just the poison ivy of the show). And even with a guest, it wouldn’t be an episode of Generation BSC without some on- and off-topic tangents, including Oujia boards, LUV, the implications of “Christmassing,” whether or not Lake Erie is spooky, shared notebooks and journals, and (of course) summer camp in popular culture.

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